Purchase your paint

Purchase a minimum of two tins of qualifying 2.5L Dulux paint - click here to see which paint qualifies for the promotion.

Your purchase must be made from a participating retailer between 26th August 2016 and 29th August 2016.

Register your purchase on this website

Register your purchase on this website with 48 hours of your time of purchase.

You will need to upload the following documents during your registration:

  • Purchased In-Store - A copy of your receipt
  • Purchased Online - A copy of your order acknowledgement and your delivery note
  • A photo of the room you are going to paint which clearly shows a minimum of 3 walls

We will confirm receipt of your registration via email and text message.

Paint your room!

Paint your room with your Dulux paint within 48 hours of registering on this website.

The room you paint must be the room you uploaded a picture of during your registration clearly showing the room has been painted with the qualifying 2.5L Dulux paint.

Claim on this website

Within 48 hours of registering your purchase on this website, come back to this website, log back in using your unique registration ID and email address and complete your cashback claim.

Claim Now

You will need to upload the following documents during your claim:

  • A photo of your newly painted room - this must be the same room you uploaded a photo of during your registration.

Your claim will be reviewed by our Promotional Support team and we will update you on the status of your claim via email and text message within 7 working days.

Receive your cashback

Upon successful validation of your online claim, we will send you your cashback via Pre-Paid Mastercard® within 28 days. Your cashback amount will be 100% of the original price you paid for your qualifying Dulux paint including VAT.

Your card, along with full instructions on how to activate it, will be sent to the address you entered during your registration.

Click here to view the Terms & Conditions of this promotion.


Visit the Support Page for Frequently Asked Questions & Contact details.

Check the progress of your claim at any time by using the Claim Tracker on this website.

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